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Do you write meal plans?

No – and there are several reasons why. First off, I choose to educate each client on their personal nutrition and we work together to build the foundations of nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. This requires the client to learn about food and how it impacts their body. By doing this, in the end, they are granted so much freedom as they understand the choices they are making. When one is dependent on meal plans, they generally suffer once a program is finished as they cannot make individualized choices and feel the boredom of following generic meal plans. Everything on this program is incredibly personalized for YOU.  Secondly, unless you are a registered dietician OR a licensed physician, it is illegal to prescribe a meal plan.

Do I have to give up eating everything I like?

No – that’s the beauty of the individualized approach mentioned above. Generally, there are several ways to improve the quality of your favourite foods and make them more nourishing. Included in the PEAK recipe book are plenty of satisfying meals and many healthy alternatives to your favourite treats, such as blondies and brownies.

What type of foods will I be eating?

We will focus on including as many whole foods as possible while drastically reducing ultra-processed foods and foods of convenience. My program is very pro-animal foods, therefore my recommendations and recipes will reflect that. I do not accept vegan or vegetarian clients for this reason. We will also focus on eating seasonally and locally to maximize cost and nutrients. Organic foods are not a requirement, though some suggestions will be made to reduce exposure to glyphosate & other harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Can I still drink and go out to restaurants?

Much of this will depend on your main health concerns, however, I strongly suggest to all clients to have no more than 2 standard drinks per week and keep restaurant meals to a minimum (~ once per month, and making proper modifications). The liver is an incredibly important organ involved in many processes that revolve around the majority of root issues linked to my clients’ main health concerns and alcohol wreaks havoc on this. If one is persistent on drinking above this recommendation or consistent fast food/eating out, they will be declined as a client.

Do you follow a specific diet type, like Keto?

I wouldn’t label my program anything in specific. It is very whole foods oriented. However, I am adamant about proper blood sugar management, and dietary (and lifestyle) measures are taken to address this. Everyone’s recommendations are different.

What is the exercise regimen?

You will be given a strength and conditioning program every month including 5 training days, 1 active recovery day, and one full rest day per week. You will also be given a target step goal to complete every day.

Am I required to go to a gym or can I workout at home?

I will always advocate that, unless you have a full set up at home that can progressively challenge you to the fullest OR are very far from town, you attend a gym. At-home workouts can work for some, however, unless you have a full set up, you will eventually find yourself in a plateau that is difficult to overcome. Additionally, many women (especially moms) cannot effectively train at home without distraction and many find it extremely difficult to be motivated to train at home. Going to a gym will almost certainly increase the effort you put into each session. You also deserve the quiet time away from all of your at-home distractions.

What if I’m too scared/anxious/nervous to go into a gym?

Everyone started somewhere. Almost everyone is nervous when they start something new, and they generally suck at it. And that’s okay. Everyone is in the gym to improve. You cannot improve something without working at it. It may take time, but with proper routine and effort, you will eventually feel right at home, promise.

What if my goal isn’t to lose weight? What if I’m happy at my weight, but have other concerns like anxiety or want to GAIN weight?

Then you’ve still come to the right place! While a majority of my clients have the goal of losing weight, that doesn’t mean I only work with clients wanting to lose weight. I have worked with clients trying to gain weight, gain muscle, recovery from major surgeries, improve mental health, and more.