July 8, 2024


Cold brew is all the rage, especially on those hot summer days. On the last blog post, I talked about how to save some cash while doing your groceries. This fits right into that category. One cup of cold brew from a specialty coffee shop or Starbucks is going to cost you 6-7$. Yes, you can buy a big jug of SB cold brew from the grocery store, but that will cost you a minimum of 8$ (this was the price at my local No Frills), and keep in mind that SB coffee is NOT organic (this is key when it comes to coffee, which we can discuss in the future!).

I personally choose Kicking Horse coffee to brew at home, which is organic, fair trade, and Canadian. After doing the math, I made 2 quarts (1.89~L) of organic, fair trade, cold brew coffee, at home, for less than 6$. That’s a big difference in price AND quality!

So how do you make it?! IT’S SO EASY!


  1. While you do not need a specific jug as I have in the photo, it does make the job really easily. You can use whatever jug you already have and use a fine mesh strainer and line it with cheesecloth.
  2. Grind your coffee beans. For this amount of cold brew (just shy of 2L), I use about 50g of ground coffee.
  3. Fill the jug with filtered water and place in the fridge for 12-24H.
  4. Remove the filter/strain the grounds through cheesecloth – and you have yourself homemade cold brew!
  5. Dress this up however you like. I like to add organic, plain soy milk (non-dairy gal here!), a scoop of collagen, vanilla, and a touch of monk fruit sweetener. Makes it taste like an iced capp! Bonus is you can blend in with some ice and go all the way on it.

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