July 4, 2024


“I was told I’d never lose weight without Ozempic and a 900kcal/day diet given to me by a dietician.”

“With PEAK, I’ve lost 57lbs since January. I’m 31 inches down. I couldn’t walk before, now I can run. My hair is growing for once. My skin is clearer. My brain is clearer. I’m able to deadlift. Previously, I thought I needed simple carbs to survive. Now, I have to remind myself to include carbs.”

Tara originally signed up with PEAK to take control of her overall health. She had struggled for a long with yoyo dieting and was never able to find a healthy relationship with food/nutrition or fitness. She had recently been diagnosed with binge eating disorder as well as high blood pressure. Tara struggled with long-term anxiety and depression, low confidence, and a lack of trust in herself.

Our first step was simply the removal of hyper-processed foods and including as many whole foods as possible. When we started, Tara really didn’t enjoy many vegetables, so, I challenged her to add a new vegetable every week. We increased her protein intake drastically and made sure to include plenty of healthy fats to support stable blood sugar. As we progressed, we built more and more meals with only whole foods, and while I encourage drastically reducing/eliminating adding sugars, she made the conscious decision to eliminate almost ALL added sugars (even in compotes – no honey!) to be extra mindful of her blood sugar. Tara TRULY wanted to feel better, and it showed.

Tara began her journey working out at home. One day, we had a chat about moving into a gym so she could push her limits more. She was terrified. However, she had a switch go off where she didn’t care if she was scared: she was doing it anyways. Low and behold, she loved it. Tara now calls it “rippin’ it in the gym” when she goes for a session; she has developed a love for deadlifts and now has an incredible coping mechanism for stressful periods. She feels at home in the gym.

Tara and I worked together for 6 months. This included DAILY feedback on her nutrition, WEEKLY email and phone call check ins, a 5 day per week training program, and monthly reflections. Her communication was top notch, even within the Cronometer app (how we communicate daily) which allowed me to understand everything going on her side and guide her through her days optimally.

This is why my approach is more than just a cookie-cutter meal and workout plan. We make this a lifestyle change instead of a diet, so that healthy habits are built that are sustainable for the rest of her life.

Thank you for choosing me, Tara. I am infinitely proud of you. I can’t wait to see how your journey progresses.


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  1. Melissa Alexandruk

    So freaking proud of her! And you are an incredible coach ♡

    • JamiStHilaire

      Thank you so much! I am also incredibly proud of her <3 thank you for taking the time to check out the first blog post 🙂


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